Friday, August 22, 2008

Wikipedia Updated

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh's wikipedia entry has been recently updated with... drum roll: references! Yes, we are now wikipedia certified as her WMA press release, Room to Grow, Young Lions, and L.A. Times article provide external links to many of the organizations she is a part of. Wikipedia biographies actually require thorough and complete references; we were happy to oblige. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The latest from Goodreads

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh has been slowly adding many of her client's novels to her Goodreads page. Soon it will feature more extensive reviews, a reading list, and the like. Goodreads is an interesting site for the reading enthusiast; check it out!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jennifer is LinkedIn!

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh now has a LinkedIn profile, still in the early stages but viewable here. It will include everything from updates on her Kenyon College scholarship to her WMA press release, as well as other information.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A New Generation of Leaders

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh recently created a scholarship at Kenyon College in honor of her grandparents. The Zangwill Rudolph and Florence Laye Scholarship will be given annually to a first generation college student. Walsh was attracted to the idea of positively impacting an individual student in a meaningful way. "The knowledge that I am helping individuals make better lives for themselves makes this a real cause for me," Walsh said. "For me, it's all about the one-on-one impact."

Link to the Kenyon College article here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NYPL Young Lions 2008 Slideshow

Here is the actual video as posted on youtube:

* Note the image quality is poor, still working on that!

Young Lions Photo Gallery posted on YouTube

A slideshow of the Young Lions awards has been posted to Jennifer Rudolph Walsh's youtube channel: - check it out! Apologies for the poor image quality (still learning about uploading video to youtube); original photo gallery can be found here.

Also, for the individual video link, click here:

Kenyon College

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh established the Zangwill Rudolph and Florence Laye Scholarship at her alma mater, Kenyon College, in 2007.

"Establishing a scholarship for a particular child in a specific circumstance was incredibly attractive to me," Walsh said. "My grandmother and grandfather came to this country and educated their family with their hard work and sacrifice, and I want to give a student the same opportunity."


Friday, August 8, 2008

Young Lions 2007 Fiction Award photo gallery

The Young Lions Fiction Award, spearheaded by Young Lions Committee members Ethan Hawke, Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, Rick Moody, and Hannah McFarland, is a $10,000 prize awarded each spring to a writer age 35 or younger for a novel or a collection of short stories. We'll be spotlighting each of the winners from years past here; today we recognize the 2007 winner, Olga Grushin, for her outstanding novel, The Dream Life of Sukhanov. Click here for the official press release and here for the photo gallery documenting the evening's festivities.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hollywood Reporter: The Women of WMA Lit

Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Power 100 has a nice summary of the accomplishments of Jennifer Rudolph Walsh and Suzanne Gluck, co-heads of William Morris Agency's Literary Department. Quite impressive:

"Thus far in 2007, WMA lit has had 83 books and five No. 1 titles on the list, including Ann Brashares' latest book, "Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood"; Jessica Seinfeld's "Deceptively Delicious"; Rachael Ray's "2, 4, 6, 8"; Ishmael Beah's "A Long Way Gone"; and Pattie Boyd's "Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me" (with Penny Junor). Between the two of them, Gluck and Walsh have had 52 titles on the NYT best-seller list this year. Walsh's include client Jenny McCarthy's "Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey Into Healing Autism," Sara Shepard's hit series "Pretty Little Liars" and Fannie Flagg's "Can't Wait to Get to Heaven." She also signed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, whose autobiography is set to publish in 2008. Gluck's best-selling clients include Judy Blume, Carl Bernstein and Giada De Laurentiis. She also works with Rachael Ray, John Berendt ("Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"), and Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt ("Freakonomics"). Michel, recently named head of the East Coast talent division, reps John Travolta, who had two films out in '07: Disney's hit "Wild Hogs" and New Line's "Hairspray," the latter also featuring Michel client Queen Latifah. Travolta next stars in Disney's "Old Dogs," Latifah in Overture's "Mad Money." Michel also reps Terrence Howard, who starred with Jodie Foster in Warner Bros.' "The Brave One" and will appear in the forthcoming "Iron Man" for Paramount. Stein, who put Whoopi Goldberg on "The View" this year, spearheaded the company's inaugural "Roll Up Your Sleeves Day" for volunteerism on Sept. 19."

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2008 Young Lions Award

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, one of the founding members of the Young Lions, was there to see Ron Currie win the prestigious award for his novel "God is Dead". Click on Young Lions 2008 for this year's photos or on Young Lions 2003 for photos from previous years.

Click here for the press release.

Room to Grow

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh is a board member of Room to Grow, an innovative program that provides parents raising babies in poverty with one-on-one parenting support and essential baby items throughout their children's critical first three years of life.

Check out Room to Grow's website for more information.

Buzz in Books is Caffeine Related

"There was a moment earlier this year when books were overflowing from boxes in Jennifer Rudolph Walsh’s office at the William Morris Agency, like foam seeping out of a double latte."

Read the Los Angeles Times article about Jennifer's role in Starbuck's bookselling business; check out the link below:

Buzz in Books is Caffeine Related

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