Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Facebook and Twitter

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh is also on Facebook and Twitter. These are both good ways to keep up to date on when new information is posted to her blog.

Click here for Jennifer's Facebook profile.

Click here for Jennifer's Twitter page.


Laurie said...

Hi - I linked on and saw that Jennifer Rudolph Walsh doesn't accept unsolicited queries. Is this true? Sorry if this post is redundant - I asked on the previous blog entry also

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh said...

Yes, this is true. As much as she would like to, she receives a large volume of queries and can only review solicited material. Hope that helps.

Tackyhandmade said...

Hello Jennifer I truly believe you are the only agent I want! My ebook "The Bastard Child" is listed on Amazon and I think that you will discover that the story line fits your style, of writers you have assisted in the past.
I am in the midst if a rewrite with an editor whom is coaching me on improvements in my voice.
Kindly chech out the book, I am impressed with your success and your ability to recognize a book just waiting to be thrust into the limelight.
Susan Parker Rosen

Rebecca Thaddeus said...

Dear Ms. Walsh:

Sue Monk Kidd is one of my favorite authors, and I believe The Invention of Wings is her best novel yet. Lydia Campbell, the major protagonist of my novel My Mother’s Daughter, takes a journey from plantation heiress to abolitionist similar to Sarah Grimk√©’s, but by a path considerably more winding. While I realize you are not now accepting queries, I hope you will consider directing me toward a William Morris agent who might be interested in representing My Mother’s Daughter.
Natchez, the setting of most of the novel, will be celebrating the bicentennial of Mississippi's becoming a state in 2017, and I hope to achieve publication by then to take advantage of that celebration. As a person who taught writing for thirty-eight years, mostly at the university level, I enjoy doing readings, presenting at book clubs, and working with other writers at my Three Ponds Farm Writing Retreats. I published my first novel, One Amber Bead, under my pen name, Rebecca Thaddeus.
I would appreciate any assistance you can give me. Thank you for your consideration.